About us

Linnikov is an independent branding agency. We implemented over 150 brands worldwide, in more than 60 countries of the world. We have about 40 regular customers. We transform a product or trading mark into a brand to receive even greater margins. It is the fulfillment of a person as a project and of his ambitions that are behind a strong brand.
Regardless of your business idea, we will find the best solution in the current conditions. It will be based on your capabilities, your consumer’s wishes, market trends, and the competitors. We will help you with positioning and visualize the values of your brand for your target audience. We believe in successful brands and for our part will do everything for it.
Branding for a coffee house or filling business, developing packaging for products or creating a complex functional website etc. It doesn’t matter what! The most important thing is to create properly!

Our team


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Our advantages

We are fans of branding
and we give the job
our all

We are constantly
studying and
in events on branding

We immerse ourselves
in business to the level
of the owner

We have a reliable
team of seasoned

We use our author’s proven algorithm
for creating a brand

The algorithm is based on our practical experience in creating brands, analyzing our projects, including adapting international practices to our desired market.

It works regardless of market, product
and business level

Diplomas and certificates


Agency management

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Dmytro Lynnyk

Art director and innovator. He has been engaged in branding and design for 14 years. He is a graduate of Higher School of Branding in the specialty of brand design. In 2014, he founded the design studio. In 2018, it was reorganized into the branding agency Linnikov. More than 150 successful brands were implemented. In the past, he was the art director and designer in Cosmopolitan Ukraine, Adventa Love, Brandaid. Worked with such brands as L’oreal, Philips, Lancome, Mary Key, Magisters.

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Iryna Lynnyk

A managing partner, strategist.
She is a master’s student in Higher School of Branding in the specialty of brand strategy. She has been working in marketing and sales for 12 years. Over 30 successful case studies on brand strategy and positioning in Ukraine and the world were implemented. In the past, she was the head of sales in the distribution company Savservis-Mova. Worked with such brands as Ferrero, Shabo, Veres, Pringls, Fissman, Maiskiy chai.