Dmytro: People want to feel their individuality, uniqueness, self! To gain inner self-respect and meaning! To become whole and intuitive people. Everyone who implements it in life, will rise and prosper! This is the future and it is already here!

About mission

Dmytro: Our mission is to make the people who came to us for help happy with the help of implemeting their ambitions and aspirations. We want people to understand their sense. After all, the more fulfilled world is that we live in, the more fulfilled we are. It applies to both clients and the largest asset — our employees. We give a start to your ideas and ambitions! Our goal is that people could create strong brands by means of their hard work and having received a working tool.

Personal questions

Iryna: In the beginning, I had a seeking lucre. I wanted to learn how to create strong and real brands in order to apply the knowledge and skills in my own business. Branding proved to be a very complex process, and it takes a long time to study. In general, I am a perfectionist. Learning process is permanent, and constant, because trends, markets, consumer’s requests are constantly changing. I have a ground rule to reach excellent results. To be an excellent brand strategist, you need to read, watch, study, train, observe, and communicate with successful people. Also a lot of traveling inspires in order to think out of the box. After all, each product is different and always needs fresh strategies.

Iryna: I dedicate all my time to branding. It is my favorite thing. I also read a lot. Perhaps reading is my hobby. Most books are related to psychology, self-development, and marketing and branding.

Iryna: A. Sergeeva, «The Road to the Far Off Lands». The book describes archetypes in Slavic tales, and in life. Archetypes help to better understand the buyers.

About brand

Dmytro: A brand is created in order to increase the value of the product and increase sales. A strong brand always means a good margin. Of course, you need to win the heart of the consumer, and this is not done in a day. It is a painstaking and long work building a client-oriented business system. One of the social responsibilities of a brand is to create real prestigious jobs. The entrepreneur is satisfying his own selfishness, realizes the public interest, giving work and realization to others. It is exactly what the modern world needs. The world already suffers from unemployment, poverty and lack of realization, which create grounds for social unrest. A real entrepreneur who creates strong brands is like a helping hand.

Iryna: A brand, besides its direct functions, also carries emotions to the consumer. People are emotional by their nature. We want to get emotions, moreover we quickly get used to the certain level of emotions, and it becomes the norm. In a highly competitive market, branding is simply necessary for leadership in the niche. Of course, it is not the only component, but one of the important components.

About inspiration

Dmytro: When you love what you do, your eyes are glowing. You finally found «something yours» and you had the courage to find it. When you are not sure about something and you are troubled by doubts, it means that i is necessary to learn, use on practice all the skills and received knowledge. Maximum perfectionism and attention to detail! It is necessary to listen to your heart and disagree more with everything external. You should be skeptical. Only when you’ve checked it is working, you go on. Trust your intuition. Then you are filled with joy and satisfaction from all work that has been done. You see the product of your hard work! All this give me inspiration and desire to move forward!

Iryna: In our profession, inspiration is necessary. Sometimes you work on the project for a while, and physically the body is quite OK, but you feel morally exhausted. In such moments it is very important to listen to yourself and disconnect from work. Silence and nature help me best when I am alone and not around people. In such conditions, recovery comes quickly. I also get inspiration from traveling. After a trip to interesting places, you can just work non-stop for a month. And, of course, business owners inspire me, we call them Founders. These people are often so deeply involved in their idea, business, and product, that it charges us all to project implementation.

About agency work

Dmytro: Since 2006 I had taken an active part in the development of brands in a branding company BrandAid. Since 2009: Advente Love. In 2011 I worked as a freelancer. In 2012 I started my design studio. In 2018 I created a branding agency Linnikov. In total, I’ve been in branding more than 12 years.

Iryna: Since 2014 I’ve been a brand manager. Before that, I worked in sales for 7 years. As a brand strategist, I’ve participated in the creation of brands since 2017.

Dmytro: Work brings us tremendous satisfaction. For over 12 years, while creating brands, we have constantly studied, trained, and refined our knowledge and skills. With each project we have become more and more confident. Confidence will inevitably come to you when you understand what a client needs, you give it to him/her and it works.

Iryna: Our agency is not just a business or a job, it’s our life. We invest a lot of time and resources in it, not only our work time. Besides work every day we devote a few hours for getting new knowledge. We read, watch talks, and participate in intensive courses and seminars. At night, some idea may come. It’s a constant thing, and we like it! When we are working on a project, we completely dedicate ourselves to the project. We enjoy both the process and result. It is essential! We have ground rules. We do not work with some products, no matter how much money they can bring. If we don’t like the product, we won’t do it. If we don’t like it, we won’t be able to create a working brand; there will be no soul and heart in it. Great results inspire us to create working solutions for new projects.

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