Все свои (No strangers here)


To develop a federal brand of vegetables and fruit in a limited range of products

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Design
  • Communication
Market research showed

The growth of vegetables and fruit consumption in relation to the medical standard

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    Potato -25%

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    Vegetables +10%

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    Fruit +50%

  • Norm

There is also a trend in healthy eating and orientation to the consumption of local vegetables and fruit. Our possibilities allow: to launch a wide range of products; to introduce a system for selecting, cleaning, and packing fruit and vegetables.

Core target audience
  • A 21-30-year-old woman
  • She estimates products by the appearance, smell, feel
  • A passionate urban dweller looking after her health
  • She spares time; dynamic
Target audience
  • A 25-45-year-old woman
  • She values quality and authenticity
  • She looks after the health of her family, likes to cook
  • Progressive and open to the new things

Local competitors offer a limited range. The imported product is much more expensive and no name. There is no branding and promotion

Brand values
  • Standard
  • Taste
  • Relation
  • Hospitability
Brand essence

Selection system for fruit and vegetables


Expert company whom enthusiastic city dwellers trust with the choice of convenient, tasty, native vegetables and fruit


To make the consumption of delicious domestic fruit and vegetables affordable and convenient

Brand character
  • Role-model
  • Honest
  • Appetizing
  • Social
  • Modern
Future vision

The largest market player of quality fruit and vegetables in the domestic market

Brand metaphor is casting



Все свои (No strangers here)


Choose with taste

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The work is created within the framework of the training practice at the Higher School of Branding


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