Naming brief

How well do you know your
product and customers?

Your answers will help us to better understand the business, essence of the task, and more accurately evaluate the timeline and cost of the project.

How would you want us to call you?

Your work email?

What is your phone number?

How did you get to know about us?

What will we work with

What is its name? Your site

Brand positioning

What are you proud of in your product? Strengths, USP

Product line

Plans and objectives of the company? Not financial plans like «we want to earn a billion», but the social responsibility of the manufacturer or the reason for creating a business.

What is the nature and lifestyle of your product consumer?

Region of your product distribution?

Why do people buy products in your category? For example, cosmetic products can be bought due to different reasons: hide fatigue, prolong youth, take care of future health, attract people.

How do you convince customers that your product is better than counterparts?

Who are your competitors and what do they promise the audience?

Vocabulary (English, Arabic, semantic, fantasy, etc.)

Phonetics (euphonious, sharp, smooth, confident, etc.)

Morphology (noun, gender, number)

Composition of the name (long, short, one or two words, 2-4-6 syllables)

Names of competitors or other names you like

Names of competitors or other names you don’t like

Associative flow

Limitations that must be considered: existing brand manual, results of marketing research, name, logo or other.

Additional wishes


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