To develop branding for the company which reveals skills and unlocks talents with the help of finger-print analysis, the Brazilian market

  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Design
Core target audience
  • A 30-45-year-old mother
  • Caring and empathetic
  • She takes an active part in her children’s development
  • She tries to help her child to make a right choice of profession
  • She helps her child to study, morally and financially
Target audience
  • Young people of 16-25 age
  • They are looking for a place in life
  • They are choosing the profession
  • Curious and open to the new things
  • Still dependent on their parents
Brand essence

Revealing skills and unlocking talents with the help of finger-print analysis

Brand character
  • Progressive
  • Caring
  • Knowledgeable
  • Technological
  • Open
  • Modern
Brand values
  • Development of knowledge
  • New experience
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Impressions

Brand metaphor is a person’s potential

Brand positioning

Synergism of dermatoglyphics, mathematic simulation, and information technologies for unlocking the potential




Pull out all the stops!

The logo shows the intellect, individuality, and unique character.
The roundness represents the caring character of the brand.
The line style renders the sense of technology.


Brazil is a hedonist country. Bright and contrastive colors are used. Yellow is a color of leadership. Blue is a color of technology. These colors are also in the national flag of Brazil.

Corporate identity elements

The report was also designed. It’s a document which the client receives when he/she has done the test


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