Farm standard


To develop consumer branding for a dairy producer, the Ukrainian market

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Design

Since the farm is not large, every cow is given proper attention in order to obtain the highest quality of the product. There is no possibility for quantity production


The research of competitors showed that almost all manufacturers work in the mid-price or mid-price-minus segment. Positioning appeals to family values, naturalness, and freshness.


Market trends show growth in craft popularity and farmer’s eco-products.

Core target audience
  • A 28-35-year-old woman, caring mother and wife
  • She leads a healthy lifestyle, carefully examines the label and product ingredients
  • A woman who makes the decision herself
  • Modern, energetic, confident and progressive
  • She is not afraid to experiment and try something new; a hedonist
  • Upper-middle-income
Brand essence
  • Farm diary products
Brand character
  • Role-model
  • Honest
  • Modern
  • Caring
  • Authentic
  • Healthy
Brand values
  • Only for you
  • Caring for loved ones
  • High quality
  • Hospitability

Future vision

To become a leader in the premium segment of milk and dairy products

Brand positioning

Natural farm products as you like them


Farm Standard

Bright design elements and colors differentiate the packaging among competitors on the shelf. They serve to show the individuality, high quality and eco-friendliness of the product. The style of drawings and hand-made fonts are associated with farm products.


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