Calendar design

Calendar stays in sight for at least a year

One of the most successful printing solutions used for advertising purposes is a calendar. If other types of printing materials don’t stay in the hands of the attracted audience for a long time, a calendar will be in sight for at least a year.
Calendars are so tightly integrated into our lives that we simply cannot imagine life without them. We can often find a calendar both at home and in the office. It can be a decent gift to your friends and clients.


What are
the types of calendars
and how are they

Such printing products can be of different types.

  • The most common one is the quarterly calendar.
  • Also, there are tear-off and flip calendars.
  • Also, there are pocket, wall and desk calendars.

What type of calendar
to choose?

Wall calendars are very often made in the mono form, where every month is designed as a separate tear-off or flip sheet, and in the trio form, presented in the form of a wall quarterly calendar, where sheets with the past, current and next month are seen at the same time.

We can’t say that some types of these printing products have a greater advertising effect, and some don’t. All of them are equally successful because they are practical

The price and timeline of calendar design in the style of your brand

The price for the calendar is affordable which is another advantage of this type of printing product. In general, it depends on the peculiarities of design effects such as: foiling, embossing, UV varnish coating, and also a type of product and number of copies.
The timeline of the original design layout creation, taking into account all the wishes and remarks of the customer, can be 1-3 weeks. We provide a ready-to-print layout.

You can look at some of our calendar cases

Our agency will gladly create a calendar design that will serve as merchandise or gift product in the future.

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