Corporate identity

Corporate identity and logo are the basis for visual brand identification

The brand identity allows us to distinguish a company, make it memorable and easily recognizable.


The role
of corporate style

Corporate image plays a major role in creating a brand. Quality brand development and style not only make your company competitive but also inspires trust.


Why do you need
a corporate identity?

Logo and visual identity of the company is a result of research and strategy. We clearly understand what the visual identity of an enterprise or firm includes. The style development is not just a beautiful graphic design; it is the body of elements that includes many details and techniques. First, the research is carried out. Identity elements should work together, be the whole. Everything should fully reveal the essence of the company.

The thought-through style makes
your business competitive!


The selection of fonts and colors, creation of style elements that will work on making your brand recognizable and making your target audience loyal. The design elements of the brand identity can include: a business card, letterhead, envelope, folder, promotional merchandise (pen, notebook, and umbrella), transport branding, outdoor advertising, brand clothes etc. We can also create an interior and exterior design.

Before creating your company style, we conduct an analysis: who your target audience is, and what it wants, what competitors give and what trends are in the market

You can look at the examples of corporate identity created in our agency

Our agency has a professional experience in creating a visual identity for any organization. It can be a corporate identity for a website, e-commerce site, university, clothing store, travel agency, festival, beauty salon, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, bank, legal or construction company, and others.
The price depends on the number of corporate identity elements.

Corporate identity is a visual identification of your brand. You can find a loyal attitude of customers due to an integrity and proper development. The price is individual for every project. To start corporate identity creation, please, fill in the brief
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