Graphic design

The aim of the graphic design is discreetness, amenity, and informativeness

It’s important to us for the target audience to be loyal and immediately be able to tell that the product is yours with a help of a color palette, fonts, graphic elements. Graphic design or visual identity of the brand is the continuation of the work done in the research and strategic stages.


Sense in each element

Every symbol, style element of visual identity should support the brand, inform the customer that it is made for his/her needs. The aim of graphic design is:

  • discreetness,
  • amenity,
  • informativeness.
Graphic design is the quintessence of art, marketing and sales in a single whole

Graphic design is always in tune with its era. It moves with the trends, with changes in the world.

Thus, the designer’s task is to make the brand design:

attractive, but not annoying

logically simple and clear

comprehensible and memorable for the target audience of the brand

consistent with the brand platform, metaphor, and verbal identification

unique and creatively different in the visual brand project conception

Our branding agency will competently do the following types of graphic design:

A logo, corporate identity, and guideline of your brand

Advertising and printing materials: brochures, booklets, reports, flyers etc.

Promotional merchandise: T-shirts, pens, packets, notebooks, calendars etc.

Packaging products: gift wrap paper, boxes etc.

Presentation materials: presentations, marketing kits, themes, promotional videos etc.

Business documents (stationery), multi-page publications: books, magazines, business cards, letterheads etc.

Outdoor advertising: billboards, posters, roll-ups, light-boxes etc.

Accomplishing these tasks can make your business popular and much more able to meet competition

The price of our services

The price of the design depends on the type of design and work scope. In the end, we give our client ready-to-print files which can be printed any printing house in anywhere in the world.

Due to the competent visual continuation of your brand characteristics in graphic design, you gain recognition and loyal attitude of customers. Would you like to learn the price? Contact us. To start, fill in our brief
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