A brand is an education!


Have you ever wondered why 9 out of 10 businesses fall apart without even going through the five-year plan?

Why is it happening? What can cause it? After all, starting to create their own brand, everyone cherishes the dream that once it comes out on an IPO; that it will be world-known and will earn big money. And it will entail all the blessings they give, that long-awaited freedom! It will be in demand and necessary in the society, it will change the world for the better, bringing its own order. But alas! Faced with reality, all his/her dreams for some reason are broken, and he/she falls into frustration and develops a sense of guilt. They say it is not given!

It is given!

But you need to figure out what to change and work hard for it.

  • The first is to realize that from the kindergarten, and then in the school and university, all of us are being brought up so that we turn out to be good hired workers!
  • Our parents, parents of our parents are mostly not businessmen! It’s a luck if one of the relatives or a close friend is already an accomplished entrepreneur.
  • We are not taught any skills of handling money, accounting, law, public speaking, or English, and without it, you are simply cut off from a huge layer of information!
  • We are not taught to create teams, work in a team and how to be a leader, we are not taught how to delegate! They bring us up as narrowly focused specialists.
But in order to create a real and strong brand, it’s not enough!

You should learn hard those things that you didn’t get from your education, and once you got up on this path, you need to learn to the end of life! To study in specialized schools, attend seminars, practical courses, intensive courses, forums. After all, the world is constantly changing and you need to keep up with it, and even better – you can set the trends for yourself and be one step ahead of competitors.



You should surround yourself with people who are already there where you want to be, and cut those people out who drag you down, but it will be another article.

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