Small and medium business


Small and medium-sized enterprises have been affected by the COVID-19
pandemic around the world and in Ukraine as well.
People come up with all the ideas to show support for the local business, for
opportunities, to bring acts of relief. The United States Agency for International
Development (USAID) has launched a flash mob, to help a Ukrainian small business during quarantine. As a small and medium business agency, Linnikov understands the importance of expanding support at this time.

Linnikov Agency is an independent branding agency. We have sold more than 150 brands worldwide, in more than 60 countries. We will help you with positioning and visualize the values ​​of your brand for the target audience. We are fans of branding, we put our hearts and souls into every project and look at your company through the eyes of the owner from the standpoint of increasing the return on investment.


Since most of our customers are also small and medium-sized enterprises, we know how important quality service is. That's why we like to use Clutch, a company that specializes in B2B ratings and reviews. Gathering feedback not only helps increase our customer base and helps us become a leader in our industry but also helps us improve our services. As customers leave feedback in our profile, we can read the sincere impressions of working with us.

“The quality of their work is very high!” –VP, Echafaudages Fast Montreal Inc.

Для Echafaudages Fast Montreal Inc.


Clutch demonstrates industry leaders, to make it easier to find an executant. To stand out in the face of huge competition, your company needs professional branding advice, which we are happy to provide.

By entrusting your project to us, you will get high quality at a reasonable price.
Now it’s time for your project! We are happy to share our experience and competencies in developing something new for you! Choose the desired method of contact on our website to contact us.

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