A brand is always communication!


A brand begins with a relationship with the client!

A brand is always customer-oriented. This word should contain a sincere truth that grows from within the Founder. It can be applied to everyone else. A brand is a promise to a client, and these promises must be fulfilled without fail. It can be achieved when the client feels care and respect. Perhaps, it is one of the key skills that should be improved and controlled by sales representatives, those who communicate directly with the client. Out of respect, everything else will grow.

Quality and competence in the promised timeline!

A gentle and respectful attitude after the purchase was made. Do a little more than the client expects, for example, make a bonus, something not very burdensome for you, but the client will be pleased. A person feels this emotion, he/she will want to experience this emotion again and again. This person will recommend you to others and unconsciously want to come back to you.

Where should you start?

From those points of contact between the consumer and the brand, where there is live communication! Customer Journey Map in a live embodiment (when the client and the brand representative communicate either face to face, either by correspondence or by chat). The work of the sales department should be 24/7, around the clock! To ensure that the client receives answers about the product at lightning speed in a respectful and patient manner. Here you don’t need to be ashamed, you need to improve your staff in terms of communication with the client, put it under tight control. Even the most refined packaging of the business, its visual, which comes out of the competent construction of the brand characteristics, is not able to pull the business into the category of the brand and gain a foothold there if you forget about communication.

One of the real stories

It happened to me in Paris on the Champs-Elysees. I went to the Tiffany store because I just liked the beautiful store. I was interested in one of the most expensive rings. Although I did not intend to buy it, I began to ask about it from the sales representative. He communicated with me as if I were buying it — in a respectful manner, smiling. I was very pleased. When I got to the Tiffany store in Kiev, I already made an order. The respectful attitude, communication with the sales representative, and, of course, the visual elements made me a loyal customer of this brand.

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