Why is it beneficial to help?!


It’s not necessary here to bring karmic facts, by and large, unexplainable, or to attribute the Christian principles. These approaches express the statements of what will happen, and observe the consequences. Yes, that’s right! But they don’t explain why something happens. The scientific research approach gives a lot more motivation to help other people, since you get to know why it comes back around to you.

And now! Mirror neurons are to blame!

Yes, they are!
At a time when we observe the actions of other subjects, living organisms, those neural groups that are associated with our own performance of the same acts are activated. They were discovered by an Italian neurobiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti in the early 90’s during experiments on macaques. The fact is that when we help and other people observe, their mirror neurons are activated, and, bypassing their consciousness, they begin to reflect these actions. It can be not only an action: neurons reflect something, and for a moment, their state starts to respond by changing our state, which we carry on and preserve. Of course, if nobody interferes with it. And here comes the second subject, it begins to mirror us, reading our state, and helps futher! Though we don’t do anything!

«How does it relate to the brand?»

— you will ask! Yes, it relates, directly! 🙂

  • An entrepreneur who has a strong brand, of course, wants a loyal customer relationship.
  • If a brand fulfills its promises that it has given its consumers, it inevitably receives their loyalty, commitment and love!
  • And here’s a full circle. There is loyalty, in other words, emotion followed by a transaction — a purchase, then emotions come again, and then a transaction.

While the brand is satisfactory to the consumer, while the approach is sincere and client-oriented, the more people are drawn into this process. Recall your state when the waiter was impolite to you in the restaurant or you were poorly attended by the sales representative, maybe the clerk did not smile at you at the hotel or you did not get the necessary consultation about the product or service … All this will affect your loyalty and willingness to re-purchase. Nowadays, in the era of hyper-competition, it plays a vital role almost in every market niche!

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