How to create an integral brand?


We were contacted by a customer who received the right to open a hotel in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The task was interesting🖤 and also special for us because the hotel will become the tallest hotel in the world🖤. Now the tallest hotel is the Gevora Hotel, also located in Dubai. It is 356.3 meters high, it is a 75-story hotel.
Burj Boutique Hotel will be located on the 112th floor of the Burj Khalifa Tower, which of course gives ambitiousness to the project! Branding should reflect the uniqueness of the hotel, work for the target audience, as well as be close and special to the sheiks! It should also pay back the investment in a certain period.

So, in turn:
  • 1. It all starts with the «goal-setting» of the customer. In order to come where you need to, you need to know where you are going!
    We determine the business goals of the customer, which we can influence.
    a) To create branding for the Burj Boutique hotel.
    b) To attract investment and support from the leadership of Dubai.
    When we understand what goals we need to achieve, brand development begins.
  • 2. Researching a product/service, target audience, competitors, market and trends. One of the most effective research tools when creating a brand with a fairly narrow target audience is “quality research”, namely “in-depth” interviews.
    “In-depth” interviews help to get answers to such important questions for us as what drives our target audience, what unconscious motives encourage them to buy, what kind of “pain” we must solve for our target audience. After all, people are no longer just buying, but they are still ready to “pay for the solution of their problems”.
    In the course of the research, we determined that our core target audience is leaders. Sometimes they need emotional rest in order to escape from the workload and get a new charge of energy. They are also very ambitious, like to be the first, and appreciate the exclusivity of the product. According to the psychotype, our target audience is “independent”.
  • 3.
    The next step was the brand platform development. The semantics of the brand is built around the personality of the target audience. They are prominent, unique, ambitious and independent. A brand metaphor is the streak of light.
    Brand positioning
    The tallest hotel in the world that gives guests the feeling of uniqueness, as if a streak of light in different conditions gives a unique character to things.
  • 4. Verbal identity was provided by the customer, the name was already made and agreed. “Burj Boutique” contains the name of the tower and the type of hotel — a boutique.
  • 5. Brand visual identity system. When implementing this stage, we took into account the customer’s wishes to create continuity with the branding of the Burj Khalifa tower itself, and also took into account the brand platform. The whole visual identity is saturated with independence, simplicity, and ambitiousness, and therefore it works very well for its target audience.
    The logo is a symphony of dots that form the silhouette of the Burj Khalifa tower. It symbolizes an ambitious, modern personality.
    We also developed a corporate pattern. It consists of circles of different shades, which symbolize the diversity of human conditions. The pattern reflects the versatility and uniqueness of the personality. The circle is divided into two halves, which symbolize the different sides of the same personality, its conditions.
    We have created a system that in the future can be translated into various communication channels. A visual brand identity system will help keep the brand integral.
  • 6. Communication design. We have developed a number of visual identity elements, examples of interiors, and as a result, we got a solid, assembled image of the brand!



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