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The basis of the brand’s visual identification is the corporate identity or the visual identity system and visual communication system. Our team at will develop your identity, the face for your business. Creating a unique system of visual identification will help the company to stand out among competitors who act on the market with similar offers of products or services.

What is a corporate identity and why should you spend money on its development?

Corporate identity is an integral part of any company that is interested in developing and promoting its business. It is a brand image that has a direct impact on the target audience perception. Through the use of memorable elements, that is, a unique identity, the company is able to count on brand awareness, a positive reputation, increased customer loyalty, and increased sales.

The benefits for the client who decided to order corporate identity development are as follows:

  • increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns due to creating a design in the same style for all marketing tools;
  • consumers will be able to accurately find the products or services of the company, quickly navigating in the flow of information;
  • the possibility of using style elements on any media, from business cards and official documents, on out to a website, merchandise, retail design.

Creating a corporate identity is a creative and time-consuming work that only professionals of the field can do. We will conduct a thorough analysis, create a memorable and easily recognizable identity. Logo, tagline, business cards, outdoor advertising, merchandise, staff clothing are a few corporate identity elements which it is important to develop a single corporate style for.

What are the goals and objectives of the corporate identity?

Organizations who want to create a whole image, to win customers and take a strong position in the market, need to understand why a corporate identity is needed for the company. After all, the development of identity is quite a costly procedure, so the customer wants to know what result he/she will get after work is completed. Visual identification of an enterprise is a powerful tool for solving problems facing a business. Here are some corporate identity goals:

  • creating brand identity, recognition, and distinction among others;
  • shaping a positive image of the company, stability, trustworthiness, positive reputation;
  • corporate identity elements are complementary but so necessary for advertising media;
  • the distinction of the company’s products from the mass of similar products/services offered by competitors;
  • having an impeccable reputation and a unified corporate identity, the company will be able to quickly launch new products to the market, saving money on advertising;
  • a favorable impression made on customers, partners, is a kind of high-quality guarantee.

In addition, the objective of corporate identity is to consolidate the idea of the company in the minds of the target audience. Having put an interesting and unique message in the identity, the company will be able to get the attention of real potential customers. In addition, corporate identity helps to create a corporate image. It affects the internal environment of the company, contributing to the unity of the team.

The role of corporate identity cannot be underestimated. Working in the modern market, you need to be recognizable, to have your own zest. The unity of the main advertising and marketing tools will create a foundation for a dynamic, and therefore profitable, development of the company.
We will make every effort in developing the identity to help the client achieve such results. The company’s products should be distinguished from a number of similar and not memorable products or services. The target audience will recognize them on a subconscious level, and choose them among others.

What are the stages of a corporate identity creation?

The process of creating a corporate identity is aimed at developing graphic and style elements, color techniques, a unique font, photo style. It is a creation of a system and certain rules for the interaction of all these elements. All these components are designed for promotional products of the company, corporate components, from business cards, on out to the office interior. We will help to create a bright and memorable image that will work for the good!

To understand how orders are received from customers, you should consider the main stages of corporate identity development:

Corporate identity development includes all these steps. Creating an identity, a bright visual image of the company requires the specialists’ knowledge and experience. Coming to our agency, you can be sure that all the main stages of corporate identity creation will be carried out at the highest level, responsibly and in a talented way.

What cases were created

Let us demonstrate examples of creating a corporate identity by our company. Each work was completed on time and in accordance with the client’s technical specifications.

Corporate identity for Grom

We were approached by the management of the GROM company. The task was to develop a unique corporate identity.

Our experts have developed a logo, seal design, business cards, envelopes, forms of official documents. In the course of the project, the specialists were able to reflect the unique qualities of the management company, such as responsible approach, trustworthiness, ability to find solutions related to management and control.

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Corporate identity for Point of the South

Goal: To develop a corporate identity for Point of the South company.
Result: Experts have developed and turned the ideas into reality. As a result, the organization uses such an identity as a logo, official documents, business cards, merchandise and other elements designed to make the brand easily recognizable and popular with the target audience.

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Corporate Identity for Street Board

Goal: To develop a brand and corporate identity for Street Board.
Result: As a result, a brand was created, including a bright and memorable tagline, naming, and visual identity.

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Corporate identity for Aptiteste

Goal: To develop branding for the Aptiteste company.
Result: One of the examples of creating a corporate identity is Aptiteste. For this company, our talented specialists developed branding. Naming, slogan, logo are the elements that are now used by the company engaged in revealing talent through the analysis of fingerprints.

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Corporate identity for Travertin

Goal: To create a corporate identity for Travertin.
Result: The company is engaged in marble. Taking into account the company peculiarities, our staff has developed a logo, business cards, and designed merchandise.

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What factors influence the price of a corporate identity development?

Creating a corporate style is a complex and creative work, and the price depends on a number of factors. Choosing our agency, you can count on the recognition of your business. Basically, the cost of corporate identity depends on several factors:

  • development of a standard corporate identity package or the creation of an advanced;
  • package;baseline data. Is it necessary to study competitors, to draw up a portrait of the target audience;
  • the need to perform additional work on the creation of a style (development of a font, style elements, promotional products, etc.);
  • the urgency of the order.

To learn the price of the corporate identity development, you can contact our representative, and receive a detailed consultation. Based on your request, the staff will perform the necessary calculations and give you an approximate cost. We guarantee a flexible price policy, as well as high-quality.

What do you get in the end after a corporate identity creation? is open for cooperation with customers who work in various fields. We developed a corporate identity for online stores, travel companies, beauty salons, management companies etc. We were approached by customers engaged in the field of catering, legal and construction organizations. Grateful customer reviews posted on our website confirm that our experts are capable to turn the most complex projects into reality.

All elements that are included in the Corporate Identity Creation package (a logo, business card, folder, merchandise, letterheads, envelopes) will be developed taking into account the market trends, the target audience research, and direct competitors. As a result, you will receive a powerful tool that will help make the business recognizable in the market, stand out from the general mass of other enterprises. Call to find out detailed information about the service!

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