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A brand is a body of emotions, sensations, and images in the mind of a consumer.

Branding is a set of actions and efforts of the owner and branding and marketing specialists to create certain sensations, emotions, images in the mind of the consumer. It is a shaping of a complete brand image.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.
Walter Landor

Where to start?

Creating a brand is painstaking and responsible work. After cooperating with us, the client receives a turn-key brand.

Our customer describes the future project. It doesn’t matter whether it is a product or a service, the technology of creating a brand is the same.

Creating a brand begins with research: who the target audience is, how it lives, what the needs are. We study the product, its capabilities, and strengths, market trends and competitors.

The research leads us to the platform: essence, values, character, mission, metaphor, and positioning of the brand.

The next step is the verbal identity development. At this stage, we create a name, tagline, and text style. We take into account what communication style the target audience uses.

Next is creating a visual identification for the design of communication channels. It is the visual identity that helps to get a unique, memorable image. The target audience should easily remember and read the product through visual identification.

Introducing and receiving feedback is the final stage. The product or service has already been created, then it is important to implement and promote it.

Our client receives a comprehensive service. Our approach begins with the immersion into the customer’s business and ends with its implementation, and development of a wholesome brand: positioning, unique image; a working tool for obtaining profit.

Benefits that the client will receive working with us:

  • professional approach — all specialists have specialized education in the field of branding, design, management;
  • efficiency;
  • customer-oriented approach, willingness to help, and flexibility.

Regardless of the customer’s product, market, or specificity, we work with brands all over the world. What is your future project?

Goals and objectives of branding

Nowadays, you rarely can hear from the founder “Why do I need to create a brand?» There is another question “How to create a strong brand?”.

The goals and objectives of the brand are always different.

When a brand already exists, there is a goal of expanding, entering a new market or enhancing consumer’s confidence in the product. When a brand is created, the goal is to gain a foothold in the mind of the consumer, to build communication.

The first goal of any branding is to create a unified image. Creating a strong brand gives you the opportunity to receive increased margin.

At each stage, we highlight different tasks:

  • Objectives at the research stage: to study the product, its strengths; understand who our consumer is, what drives him/her, what the needs are; strengths and weaknesses of competitors; what the market trends are. Here we deepen into the business of the customer.
  • Objectives at the stage of creating a concept, brand platform: define the mission, values, and character of the brand, choose a metaphor and reflect the product in positioning. Here we create a development strategy.
  • Brand positioning sets the direction of the verbal and visual identity. The name should be easy to remember. The name is the most static element in branding. Updating the name is extremely rare, so the creation of naming is a particularly important stage. The name may reflect the product, the essence or metaphor.
  • Verbal identification should be clear for the target audience, the text style is as the consumer is used to hearing earlier.
  • Important tasks that should be addressed by the visual identification of the brand: creating awareness, uniqueness, strengthening the brand platform. Usually, we are testing 2-3 concepts and the most successful one is being worked on. The consumer should immediately know what kind of brand it is, whose product it is in front of him/her.

Do you plan to create a brand or expand your current one? We will help you define the goals, create a solid image and turn your product into the brand.
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Stages of a brand creation in

Let us talk about the main stages of creating a brand in more detail. The main task is to turn a product or a trading mark into a brand. brand creation cases

If you look at cases of successful brands regardless of the direction (product, or service), they all have important features. All works are unique, easily recognizable, created to solve problems of a particular consumer.

Let’s take a closer look at examples of the brand creation in our agency.

Farm Standard

Task: to develop a consumer’s brand, a product is a milk and dairy products.
Goal: to become a leader in the premium segment of milk and dairy products. Products of an average-plus and premium class.

Brand positioning: organic farm products, the way you like it.
As a result, naming “Farm Standard” was created. A lot of work was done on this project: research, strategy, verbal and visual identity.

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Goal: the rebranding of a coffee manufacturer, US market. The product is ground coffee. Positioning: coffee as a way of expression.

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Goal: to develop branding for the manufacturer of mattresses. Product for family use. A product is a springless mattress. During the research, the brand platform was formed.
Result: research, brand platform, visual identity.
Positioning: a daily feeling of a cheerful, pleasant state thanks to healthy sleep, like on the clouds.

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Goal: to make a redesign of a New York magazine. The product is a periodic publication.
Result: a modern and stylish magazine. The new design is a combination of antique and modern block fonts (slab). Contrast colors on a black and white background.

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Product fingerprint testing
Task: рto develop branding for a company that reveals the skills and talents of people by analyzing their fingerprints, Brazilian market.
The difficulty was that it was not an ordinary product, but a narrow service. It was necessary to define the target audience and create a turnkey brand for it.
Positioning: synergy of dermatoglyphics, mathematical modeling and information technologies for unleashing human potential.

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All works, case studies and examples of brand creation are in our portfolio.

The price of creating a brand, or Why can you not save on branding?

Every businessman is interested in how much it costs to create a brand. The price of branding depends on many factors as follows:

  • Scale: what brand do we create — local or international? The larger the brand, the more difficult it is to find a unique name, and the higher the price is.
  • Research: is there any data on the market, product, competitors? Or do we conduct all the analytics?
  • Is a brand being created for the first time or is it a rebranding? The price of rebranding is usually lower because there is some data already.
  • Product specifics also affect the cost.
  • The list of style elements. What communication channels do we create the style for? How many of them? The greater the number of style elements, the higher the price is.
  • Will the brand be developed together with the site? Or perhaps you need application development?

As you can see, the price for creating a brand depends on many things. For the evaluation, you need to contact us, fill out the brief.

We are interested in comfortable cooperation for both parties. The price of a brand creation is not inflated, the price is transparent. We focus on our main goal, which is to create a strong brand, to help actualize a dream, an idea of a customer, to help a person to actualize as a project. Behind a strong brand, there is an increased margin. As a result, there’s the implementation of skills and abilities, and often of the entire life of a person.

Branding in includes:

  • research;
  • building a brand platform: metaphor, values, positioning;
  • creating a verbal identity: naming, tagline, text style;
  • visual identity: logo, visual communication system, corporate, company products, packaging;
  • website and app development.

In one year we create about 30 brands worldwide. Currently, we have developed brands for 60 countries. In total, more than 300 brands have been created in such fields as real estate, construction, healthcare, beauty, pharmacy, tourism, law and consulting, advertising, catering services, and much more. We have created packaging for food products, household use, clothing etc. Many digital projects have been developed — these are turnkey websites and applications of any level of complexity.
Reviews of some of our clients can be found here.

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